Richard Burford (1754–1801)

Richard Burford was born in Banbury in 1754. His father was Edward Burford, variously described as a Surgeon, Apothecary, Surgeon & Apothecary, and M.D., and his mother was Anna Rebecca Mapletoft. His grandparents were the mercer Richard Burford (buried 7 March 1752) and Mary (buried 30 December 1760), while his uncle Richard Burford (buried 16 October 1782) was a subscriber to the Radcliffe Infirmary, and left it a legacy of £20.

Richard Burford’s father Edward was married twice. His first marriage took place at Banbury on 24 February 1742 to Vade Stokes, by whom he had three children:

  • Edward (baptised at Banbury 5 December 1746, buried there 10 December 1746)
  • Francis (baptised at Banbury 20 November 1747, buried there 17 February 1775)
  • Vade (baptised at Banbury 27 December 1750).

Mrs Vade Burford seems to have died near the time her third child was born, because she was buried on 24 December 1750. Just over a year later Edward married his second wife, Anna Rebecca Mapletoft, and they had the following children:

  • Edward (baptised on 18 August 1753 at Banbury Church)
  • Richard (baptised on 27 July 1754 at Banbury Church)
  • John (baptised on 15 August 1755 at Banbury Church)
  • Ann (baptised on 21 December 1756 at Banbury Church)
  • Mary (baptised on 9 November 1758 at Banbury Church)
  • Rebecca (born 11 November 1759, baptised on 14 November 1759 at Banbury Church)
  • Katherine (baptised on 19 February 1762 at Banbury Church)
  • Lucy (born on 7 April 1763, baptised on 11 May 1763 at Banbury Church)
  • Frances (baptised on 5 February 1770 at Banbury Church)

Richard’s father had been apprenticed to the apothecary Francis Burford of Taunton Dean, who was buried at Banbury on 1 June 1748. It seems likely that Richard would have been apprenticed to his own father.

Richard Burford was matriculated at the University of Oxford as “Chirurgus” on 13 October 1780 and was elected Surgeon to the Radcliffe Infirmary the next month.

On 7 March 1787 Burford’s father was buried in Banbury Church, and in August that year Burford married Sarah Costar, daughter of William Costar, Master of the Angel Inn in Oxford’s High Street. They had the following children:

  • Anna Rebecca Burford (baptised at St Peter-in-the East Church on 5 June 1788)
  • Harriott Burford (baptised at St Peter-in-the East Church on 15 July 1789, buried there the same year)
  • Edward Burford (baptised at St Peter-in-the East Church on 4 July 1790)
  • William Costar Burford (baptised at St Peter-in-the East Church on 20 August 1791, buried there the same year.
  • Martha Burford (baptised at St Peter-in-the East Church on 5 December 1792)

Sarah, daughter of Richard & Sarah Burford born on 24 November 1796 and baptised at St Mary the Virgin Church on 8 December 1796, and the infant Richard Burford buried at St Peter-in-the-East Church on 19 November 1798, may also have been their children.

Burford’s mother Anna Rebecca, described as the “relict of Dr Burford” was buried at Banbury on 17 February 1798, and just three years later on 29 March 1801 Burford himself died at the age of 46, and was buried at St Peter-in-the-East Church.

Burford’s widow may be the Sarah Burford who can be found in the 1841 census living at Cowley with Martha Cracknell (45) and Jane Shrubb (30), plus four servants. She died in 1846 at the age of 76 and was buried at Benson.

According to Jackson’s Oxford Journal of 10 July 1847, Martha Burford, “daughter of the late Richard Burford, Esq. surgeon of this city” married John Fisher of Littlegate at St Lawrence Church, Ramsgate on 5 July 1847.

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