35 Cornmarket Street: KFC

35 Cornmarket.

This is the surviving part of a larger eighteenth-century stone house that originally included Nos. 33 & 34 to the north. It is Grade II listed (list entry 1299550).

It stands on the site of the old Bocardo gaol, and has always been in the parish of St Michael-at-the-Northgate Church.

For leases granted by the city council for the property at 33–35 Cornmarket Street from 1610 to 1849, see Salter, Oxford City Properties, pp. 238–240, which describes how there was a dancing school and gymnasium on the second floor.

The bootmaker Edwin Litchfield Elliott was here at No. 35 before moving to 30 Cornmarket later in the 1850s.

Henry Alden moved into this shop in the 1850s, and the Alden Press was here for about seventy years.

  • For a photograph of Alden & Co’s shop at 35 Cornmarket, see Michael L. Turner and David Vaisey, Oxford Shops and Shopping, p. 60, illustration 140. This shows that the upstairs part of the shop was a show room.
  • West side of Cornmarket in c.1905, showing Alden’s shop third from the left.

The premises became a restaurant when the Wimpy Bar opened here in 1970. Kentucky Fried Chicken was here by the late 1980s (photograph) and they installed the present shop front in 2003.

Occupants of 35 Cornmarket Street listed in directories etc.


Stephen Haynes, Boot & shoemaker


William Last, Milliner


Samuel Tester, Fishmonger


Edwin Elliott, Boot & shoe maker


Henry Alden, Printer, bookseller, stationer and music seller, depot of British
and Foreign Bible Society and English and Foreign Library Co. Ltd

Alden & Co., Printers, publishers, stationers & booksellers by 1890

In 1911, “The Isis (Alden & Co. Limited, printers, booksellers &c)” is added


William Howe Nurse, manufacturing furrier

Nurse the furrier by 1947


Oxford & District Co-operative Society (also next door at 36A)

This part of the shop is described as “Gowns” from 1954, and was separate from 36A until 1964, when the two shops together were “Sports outfitters, toys, prams; and from 1966 “Jewellers, outfitters, toys”


Wimpy Bar restaurant


Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

35 Cornmarket Street in the censuses


The mercer William Last (30) lived here with three milliners: Mary Anne Last (20), Harriet Adams (20), and Emma Walker (20). They had one female servant.


Edwin Elliott (26), a boot & shoe maker employing 12 men, lived here over the shop with his wife Matilda (29) and his apprentice Albert Woodbridge (16) and one female servant.


Henry Alden (51), printer-stationer and bookseller, lived here over his shop with his wife Elizabeth (44) and children Edward (22) and Sarah (20), described as bookseller’s assistants; Elizabeth (17); George and James (15); Ebenezer (11); Anne; and Constance (4). They had one servant.


Henry Alden (61), now described as a bookseller, lived here with his daughter Sarah (30) and an apprentice.


Listed as uninhabited: part of Alden's Printers downstairs.


Listed as uninhabited: part of Alden's Printers downstairs.


Listed as uninhabited but in occupation: part of Alden's Printers downstairs.


No listing.

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